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Dayschool Brochure


Day School

Director - Sherry Clubb

St. Francis Day School is a place where children grow and learn according to their own needs and abilities under the guidance of skilled and devoted teachers.  It is a school whose program and environment are primarily suited to the educational needs of three and four year old boys and girls. 

The Day School provides both a three and a five day program running from 9 am to 1 pm each day. Summer school is also offered which includes activities for children who have completed kindergarden but whose parents desire for them to continue their education and fun activities.

The teachers are Sherry Clubb who is the Director, and her assistants, Carrie Hudson and Sarah Thomas.  They provide a balanced program of work and play which include: crafts, creative activities, group activities, listening to and sharing stories, conversation, music, rest, indoor and outdoor play and health and safety education.  The teachers provide a spiritual Christian environment to enable the children to learn about God and Jesus.  The leadership and ability of the teachers is proven by the desire of the community to have their children enrolled here.


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